bamboo poles

bamboo poles, bamboo canes, bamboo sticks, bamboo stakes: whatever you call them i got them 

  • all bamboo can crack.
  • bamboo is never perfectly straight or round.
  • all prices refer to randomly selected bamboo canes from stock. 
  • for larger diameters, specific diameters, very straight poles or other criteria please contact bambusero for a quote
  • most bamboo is sold in a freshly harvested green state. the only bamboo sold dry is the viet cane.
  • there is a minimum order of $50 for bamboo canes unless picking up personally from the workshop. the postage or freight is additional.
  • diameters measured at the base of each length
  • as a rough idea, you'd lose 3-5mm diameter per meter of length

timber bamboo $15/m

"phyllostachys bambusoides" - a good strong straightish bamboo. doesn't crack readily. good for furniture or other high end work as well as outdoor structures. fresh green colour, dries to straw colour. sold by the meter up to 6m long.

approx 60-80mm diameter     nz grown

henon bamboo $10/m

"phyllostachys nigra henonis" - similar to timber bamboo but cracks more easily. very good for splitting and using the splits. light green colour with a whitish bloom, dries to straw colour the same as timber bamboo. good for outdoor fencing and screening. sold by the meter up to 6m long.

approx 60-80mm diameter     nz grown

oldham's bamboo $10/m

"bambusa oldhamii" - a fairly rustic looking bamboo. if you want a beach hut or tiki look, don't mind a few bends and knots at the nodes then this is the bamboo for you. it may zigzag a bit but usually straight over it's length. great for that mediterranean look pergola roof. sold by the meter up to 6m long.

approx 40-80mm diameter     nz grown

vietnamese bamboo $30/pole

sold in full lengths of around 4m (+-100mm)

straight, smaller diameter poles, great for general usage. doesn't crack readily. imported from vietnam. supplied dry. i only sell these in full lengths of around 4m but they can be cut down for transport.

approx 30-45mm diameter     imported


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