Wedding pergolas / wedding arbours

there are many options for creating a a simple yet elegant bamboo outdoor structure for weddings. for wedding pergolas or wedding arches a good rule of thumb is about 2.3m high by about 2m wide. remember to include enough extra bamboo to be able to attach them so they need to overlap a bit. so final lengths should be around 2.4m high by 2.2m wide.
i can provide you with just the bamboo poles and you make the joints on site or i can prepare everything for you. another decision is whether to have two posts which simply provides a frame when seen from the front, or four posts which makes an actual structure and looks good from the sides too.


so if you'd just like the materials to make your own below are the two options:

1. diy two posts: two lengths of 2.4m thick timber bamboo approximately 70mm diameter and one thinner viet cane approximately 40mm diameter.

2. diy four posts: as above but with four posts and four cross pieces

i can also pre-make the joints up so all you have to do is slot them together on the day. again there are two options:

3. pre-made kit two posts: joints are pre-drilled so all you have to do is assemble.

4. pre-made kit four posts: as above but with four posts and four cross pieces. (photos attached)


1. diy two posts$85
2. diy four posts$225
3. two posts kit$200
4. four post kit$530
all prices include gst but not freight. this usually costs $60 to north island addresses or $90 for south island addresses.
you will notice from the photos that the bamboo posts are supplied green as they will have just been harvested. i do have some dry stock but this costs more. the bamboo will dry in a few weeks in the full sun if rotated every few days.

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