bambusero - mark mortimer's design workshop

Mark Mortimer - designer

Bambusero - This is a Spanish word, which means "one who-works with bamboo", or a Bamboo-smith. This is in essence what I am. Based in Auckland, I have been working with bamboo and other natural materials for the past twenty years. I learnt the ropes in Argentina where I built up a sound knowledge base working with true craftsmen, which instilled in me a keen eye for detail and finish.
Using locally sourced materials wherever I can, harvesting the bamboo and sourcing other materials myself to my own specifications I fashion it into any number of different objects from outdoor elements to custom furniture. My approach draws heavily on my three-dimensional design background. My aim is to transform the materials into original and striking products always bearing in mind my style and design criteria. That may be a cool and crisp look, a traditional Japanese feel or a rustic pacific product.

Materials profile - bamboo and timber

You may have noticed I have a thing for bamboo. it's an amazing material, which grows very well in NZ. It's not everyone's favourite plant, especially if they have an invasive variety growing in their garden. However rather than a weed it should be seen as a great resource. Strong and lightweight, it's an extremely versatile material. And if you can't find a use for it then it can most probably be eaten. the shoots are delicious and nutritious.

Most of the timber I use is Monterey Cypress also known as macrocarpa. It is a naturally durable wood, similar to H3.2 treatment level in pine. With a great colour and wonderful smell macrocarpa is a great alternative to treated timber and it's associated environmental problems. I source my macro from Cypress Sawmills who give me a great quality timber every time. This stuff should not be confused with big knotty slabs you see around. It's almost clear and complements the bamboo very well.


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