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fence panels - pricing

for installation costs please email mark directly
  • if pricing is not on this page email for a quote
  • payment by online direct credit or cash
  • deliveries nationwide. email for a quote
  • pick ups available from workshop
  • all pricing includes gst
  1. check pricing
  2. calculate your order
  3. email the order through
  4. expect a reply within one working day
  5. deliveries nationwide or pick up available

fence panels - square meter rates

  • work out the area of fence panels
  • eg for a fence length of 5m long by 1.2m high multiply them both to get 6m²
  • for a chaco fence this would be 6m² x $140= $840
  • the above example would be made in three panels of 1.66m wide x 1.2m high
out of stock
out of stock

chaco     $150/m²
chaco $150/m²

bethells $150/m²
bethells $150/m²

kenninji $150/m²
kenninji $150/m²

tigre      $195/m²
tigre $195/m²

bamboo poles

timber $15/m
timber $15/m

henonis $10/m
henonis $10/m

oldhams $10/m
oldhams $10/m

aurea $7 or $10/m
aurea $7 or $10/m

wedding pergolas

1. diy two posts   $85

2. diy four posts  $225

3. two post kit      $200

4. four post kit     $530

all prices include gst but not freight. this usually costs $60 to north island addresses or $90 for south island addresses.
you will notice from the photos that the bamboo posts are supplied green as they will have just been harvested. i do have some dry stock but this costs more. the bamboo will dry in a few weeks in the full sun if rotated every few days.

all prices include gst


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